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There is a wealth of information available about the right foods to eat and the wrong foods to eat when training on a H.I.T. program. I am not one who has a huge appetite in the morning and it’s pretty well known that breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Why you ask? Well, today let’s talk about the effects of skipping breakfast. Some effects are more long term than others and won’t affect your body if you miss a breakfast once in a while while others are more extreme and can increase risk factors that people already have, but all of them highlight the fact that nothing good comes from skipping breakfast!!!

Obesity – How does skipping breakfast lead to increased chances of obesity? It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s rather simple. When you sleep your body is generally fasting…hence the term “break + fast”… As a result, our metabolism slows down and you wake up on an empty tank. By skipping breakfast, you’re much more likely to suffer cravings and compensate by overeating in large amounts later in the day or eating quick meals.

Balanced Breakfast

Balanced Breakfast

(such as fast food because it is cheap and easily accessible), or you end up doing BOTH.

The other major concern is spikes in your blood sugar and their effect on insulin production. Skipping breakfast certainly won’t cause diabetes, but anyone who already has an increased risk or weight-management concerns should know this elevates their risk.

Mood – Mood swings and irritability, especially in the morning, have been linked to low blood sugar. Some people attempt to cover up for the lack of real food by drinking coffee and using caffeine to wake themselves up. This might work as a short fix, but you’re not doing your body any favors because once the caffeine wears off, you experience what is known as “the crash” ( you’ve heard this before ) and are left feeling even worse than when you started the day empty. For all the times we encourage you to listen to your body ( it is constantly telling you what’s up ), the morning is your first chance of the day to do the right thing. And that right thing is eating breakfast to start the day right. An unhappy metabolism leads to an unhappy mind, and combined can make for a very cranky person.

Risk of Heart Attack – Research has shown that adult men who regularly skip breakfast are 27% more likely to suffer a heart attack in their lives. While this was not a direct cause and effect study, it is an alarming indicator of unhealthy lifestyles and bad habits. Affecting older men whose habits are more deeply ingrained and hard to change than people in their early 20s, the solution is simple…..even a small piece of fruit or granola bar can dramatically change your diet and improve your daily health, leading to positive effects over the long run.

Physical Performance – There is a long running myth that working out on en empty stomach allows you to burn more calories from fat, therefore losing more weight quicker. ABSOLUTELY FALSE, working out on an empty stomach will start burning into muscle tissue and that is a whole other blog we can dive into another time! Bottom line, what you’re really doing is setting yourself up to crash and causing your body more harm than good. Again, even a small snack or piece of toast with honey is supreme to nothing and makes a huge difference.

Mental Performance – It isn’t just your body that suffers when you don’t eat breakfast and start your day off properly. Your mental abilities, such as focus, problem solving, memory storage and recall all suffer significantly when your brain does not get glucose in the morning. Just like the other organs in your body, your brain requires a minimal amount of energy to fire up and reach it’s optimal functions, and a failure to do so means you spend the rest of your day feeling sluggish mentally and trying to catch up. Relieve yourself of unnecessary headaches and increase you capacity to think and process information with a balanced breakfast. Even if you’re not planning to work out or are enjoying an off day, you’ll think more clearly and make life a lot easier for yourself and your loved ones.

In conclusion, whether it’s short or long term, there are simply no benefits and a lot of consequences to skipping breakfast regularly or even just for the day. Treat your body first thing in the morning, make breakfast a part of your daily routine and tell us if it has made a difference, we would really like to know!

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